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Easy to CleanEasy to PourFood Grade 100% SafeFreezer SafeLight WeightOdour FreePolystyrene (PS)

Atlanta 2

Material :


Features :
  • 100 % Food grade quality
  • Transparent lid for easy identification
  • Easy to clean due to wide mouth
  • Moulded for easy handling
  • Very convenient to store food items in the refrigerator
  • Tabs for easy opening
  • Airtight silicon ring seal keeps food fresh
  • Great use during summers & rainy season when the food gets spoilt, stale or soggy easily
  • Available in 2 pc , 3 pc and 4 pc tray sets
  • The airtight lid makes sure that the food items do not leak out
  • Available in attractive gift set boxes.
Available Color : BlueBrownGoldenPinkRedYellow
Caution :
  • Dont put product near fire 
  • Not use for microwave
  • Avoid harsh scrubbers on the print


Size : Atlanta 2



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